Increasing Office Security

Customer Challenge

It is an unfortunately reality that in our current society, today’s companies must be more careful to secure their buildings, assets, and people than their predecessors. CONTAVA has been working with one large organization to do just that. Following an incident where an unauthorized individual gained access to one of their secure executive buildings by closely following and taking advantage of access gained by an authorized person through one of their access points, it was determined that their security system needed to be upgraded.

The Solution

CONTAVA worked with the client to look at where the security breakdowns were in their existing system. From there, the team proposed changes including upgrading existing video surveillance infrastructure, altering camera placement and angles for optimal scene capture, and adding cameras to other public access points where they had not previously been installed including in elevators, stairwells and parking garages. Server upgrades were also necessary to accommodate the additional needs of the revamped system.

The Outcome

At the completion of this project, the client had access to a more holistic view of their security situation. By adding additional video surveillance elements, they can now be assured that if there are any security breaches, their system will provide them with adequate footage to bring resolution to any incidents that occur in their building.