Parking Lot Protection

Customer Challenge

This client has a large downtown parking area that is meant to be dedicated to employees and other authorized individuals associated with their organization. Before CONTAVA became involved in the project, the parking lot was unfenced and unmanned. The parking area is also some distance away from the physical building of the company that owns it. Because of this, people who were unauthorized to park on the private lot would do so and incidences of theft and vandalism were prevalent. The client asked CONTAVA to come up with a viable solution to secure their parking area from a distance.

The Solution

CONTAVA managed the install of a Perimeter Control system consisting of a fence and electronic gate as well as Access Control to grant entrance permission to authorized individuals. Following the implementation of these two systems, only card holders could have access to the parking area thereby eliminating the unwanted vehicles. Another unique feature to this project was that all of the systems were wireless due to the distance between the parking lot and the building.

The Outcome

The solution CONTAVA implemented increased security and functionality to the client’s lot. The fencing and electronic gate that were part of the perimeter control component not only helped with flow and security as authorized cars came in and out, but also acted as a deterrent for criminal activity. Because of the wireless capabilities of the technology, the parking lot could remain unmanned and the security needs of the lot could be assessed from the building.