Protecting the Entertained Public

Customer Challenge

A public entertainment venue in West Edmonton recently underwent an expansion. A permanent structure was built adjacent to the existing building in which concerts and performances could be held. The capacity of the venue was 2,500 people. The client enlisted CONTAVA’s help to be able to capture the activities of the venue (including monitoring shrinkage in bar areas) through video surveillance and manage the flow of guests during events through an access control system.

The Solution

CONTAVA played a key role in designing and deploying the security technologies at this site. As the structure was new, CONTAVA was involved in the initial design of the system and was able to work closely with the client, providing both advice and expertise. The team installed an array of video surveillance equipment including 360 cameras mounted on the interior side of the roof and around the food and beverage point of sale areas. Each entry/exit point to the building was fitted with access control capabilities.

The Outcome

After the installation of CONTAVA’s access control and video surveillance technologies, the client was able to ensure the flow of guests taking part in concerts and other events in the new space. Main entrance doors could be set on a timer to be unlocked at a specific time. Emergency exit doors could be secured from the outside, but still accessible should an emergency happen inside. VIP entrance ways and backstage access areas for the performers, technical crew, and staff required the appropriate authorization to be accessed. Additionally, video surveillance near point of sale areas allowed the client to monitor and deter potential shrinkage in food and beverage sales. The other video surveillance installed in the venue provided security personnel with a comprehensive understanding visually of what was taking place in the venue. By working with CONTAVA, the client was able to provide a safe and fun entertainment venue for the public.