Washroom Access

Customer Challenge

CONTAVA worked with a client responsible for the operation and security of a large shopping complex to secure their family washrooms. The client’s property and assets were expansive and there were many washroom areas in the building including family washrooms. These individual washrooms were unfortunately appealing to loiterers and vagrants because they were private and secluded as compared to normal washrooms.

The Solution

The client worked with CONTAVA to create a unique solution for the client’s challenge using Intercom, Access Control, and Video Surveillance technology. The washroom was fitted with access control where the default was to have the door locked. If a family or handicapped individual needed to use the washroom, they would approach the door and hit a button that activated an intercom system. Security personnel would be alerted by the intercom and a camera would also capture footage from the area just outside the washroom. In this way, security personnel can interact with and verify the individual requesting access to the washroom. If authorized, the security personnel would issue a command to unlock the door from their control area and the patron could use the washroom. The door was also fitted with a deadbolt that had to be activated from the inside. Once the user locked the door, an exterior light would turn on indicating to security that the washroom was occupied. If another person attempted to gain access through the system during this time, the security personnel would be able to see the light on their camera footage and request that the individual waits as the space is in use.

The Outcome

Using the creative solution CONTAVA provided them, the client was able to better manage the use of their facilities. The access control gives power to the security staff to decide who should gain entrance to the area. The process in itself also deters individuals with inappropriate motives. All of these results provide a better experience for the public at the client’s facilities and allow the client to better protect their assets.