Services and Solutions

CONTAVA offers several security solutions and services to ensure that your products, properties and personnel are safe and secure. We’ve outlined a number of these solutions below.


Video Surveillance (also known as CCTV Systems)

Surveillance is defined as the observation and monitoring of behaviour and activities. In today’s world, surveillance by humans alone is not always possible given the size and span of buildings, the number of areas requiring protection and the sheer volume of risk and threats.

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Access Control

Is your access control system accurately keeping track of the number of people in your building?

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IT Infrastructure and Services

CONTAVA provides security through technology. CONTAVA’s competitive advantage is employing individuals with vast enterprise IT experience

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Intercom and Sound Equipment

Over IP, intercom and paging equipment provides better sound quality. Intercom and sound applications are used in wide area paging, message audio distribution for airports, convention centers, railway stations and transit systems.

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Key Management

Key management solutions allow you to control and keep track of who has possession of the keys to your businesses doors, filing cabinets, lockers and vehicles.

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Mass Notification

In today’s society, being able to immediately communicate to the masses is of paramount importance. When an emergency arises, mass notification allows for communication to be shared over numerous technologies.

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Perimeter Detection and Control

CONTAVA’s integrated, high-security, outdoor electronic perimeter systems allows you to immediately identify security breaches in and around your facility. With a combination of fence, buried cable or digital microwave sensors, this solution is ideal for large and or remote areas. The solution also protects the public from accessing hazardous and dangerous areas.

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Service Maintenance

When was the last time your security system was serviced?

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Structured Cabling

CONTAVA designs, installs and maintains your fiber and copper cabling systems. Our manufacturer-trained technicians use the latest fiber and copper optic test equipment to certify each project; thus delivering reliable performance.

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Training Services

CONTAVA offers comprehensive hands-on training that will benefit your security system end user including technicians, administrators, IT professionals, security managers, security operators and project managers.

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