Access Control

Access Control as an entry control system allows for the movement of authorized personnel and material into and out of facilities, while detecting and possible delaying movement of unauthorized personnel and contraband. Access Control elements are found at facilities perimeters, such as vehicle gates, building entry points or doors into rooms or other special areas within a building.

Many of our clients choose to incorporate access control into their security programs to reduce risk, increase efficiency, reduce expensive management processes, and create a database record.

  • CONTROLLING ACCESS – In many organizations, access control is used to set up permissions which allow employees to only access areas of the building or specific company assets they require for their jobs. In this way, organizations which employ hundreds of individuals are able to easily track who is allowed where and when, thus reducing risk. The alternative is everyone should have access to everything, this often is not the corporate plan and causes increase risk. When choosing to use Access Control in place of keys you, the business Security Manager are taking control of your facility. The decisions you apply to the access control software permit authorized individuals to have access and deny others. These systems when in place also allow for HR to work closely with Security to remove access from those no longer with the company (benefit; no keys to worry about getting back).
  • INTRODUCE PROCESSES – an access control system for many organizations can be part of the work process which needs to be managed and ensures a record is being kept for each transaction required the card holder. Safety, Payroll, Security, Divisional Management and others can now recall when and where the cardholder was.

In working with hundreds of clients and deploying thousands of access control points we have obtain tremendous experience. Below are some stories of facilities we have provided access control systems into:

  • Access control is able to regulate the flow of people in order to increase security. In elementary schools, exterior doors are commonly locked to ensure the safety of the students in the building. At recesses, however, staff and children must be able to exit and re-enter the exterior doors during those times. Some teachers and supervisors block doors open with a door stop or other mechanism to make sure that everyone could get back into the building, but if the blocking object is not removed at the end of recess, it now poses a security risk for the school. By adding an access control system that allows timed in and out access for students and teachers during recess, the need for the door to be held open is eliminated, and anyone who wants to access the building outside of those times is only able to enter through the front doors and past the office staff.
  • Access control solutions in work spaces enable the organization to control where people are, it can also have timed applications in an organization. Janitorial staff that work in medium and large companies do not need to have access to the building outside of the times that they are contracted to work there. Electronically regulating these activities minimizes security risks.
  • Policies and procedures generally exist for organizations should they face a security threat. In the case of a lock down, or a situation of similar nature, an access control system can be triggered by a central switch (to which only certain people have access if necessary ie. security personnel or senior staff) to lock strategically chosen doors in order to ensure the safety of employees, students, patients, clients, public, etc.
  • Access control can also be used to digitally monitor not only who has accessed what areas within your organization, but also record a timestamp. This can be especially helpful for businesses that employ contractors to do work at their sites. Having a digital record of time in and out for people accessing a work site can provide an organization with backup documentation as to the number of hours spent at a site by an employee or contractor.
  • People management is another application of access control as a security solution. We’ve installed devices on buses and in buildings where the intent is to know who is in the vehicle/building. This is important in the event of an emergency where an account must be given on who is safe and who may still be in danger.

Security and Access Control systems work well together to become part of a strong physical protection system. Ask us today how we can improve your facility’s security.




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