Perimeter Detection and Control

CONTAVA’s integrated, high-security, outdoor electronic perimeter systems allows you to immediately identify security breaches in and around your facility. The physical fence creates an appearance of ownership around your property and also acts as a deterrent for individuals that wish to threaten the security of your yard or site. The fence, in combination with buried cable, woven cable or digital microwave sensors, gives security personnel insight on the activities that are taking place at the edge of your property. This allows for more effective and efficient decision making by your security team when assessing and acting upon possible security risks.

Implementing a perimeter detection and control structure to your property also enables you to strategically control the flow of people, vehicles, and assets onto and off of your site. Adding a video surveillance and/or access control component can further develop your security program by collecting more data and creating additional barriers to access that will deter unauthorized individuals and improve your facility’s overall security.

Our experienced team at CONTAVA has been able to install perimeter detection and control systems for many of our clients in order to address their specific needs. Talk to us about your unique situation and let us work with you to create a perimeter detection and control system that gives you peace of mind and improved site security. Environments in which perimeter detection and control systems are effective include:

High Security – Organizations with extremely valuable assets or items/data that must remain confidential benefit from a perimeter detection and control system. Knowing that their resources are secure and being alerted to any potential perimeter breach in an efficient fashion, help security personnel ensure that the site, and the assets/data held within, remain protected.

Large Areas – Industrial yards or large worksites often provide a security challenge because of the expansive area that must remain secured. Installing a perimeter detection and control system into this scenario can effectively establish a secure barrier around the entire area and give the organization’s security team peace of mind knowing that if a breach is detected, they will be alerted and able to act in an effective manner.

Remote Sites – Regardless of the size, remote sites provide unique challenges for the companies that own them. Many sites are not consistently manned, and can often be targeted by criminals that wish to steal, vandalize, or otherwise threaten the security of the property. A perimeter detection and control system not only enables the company to be alerted to any security breaches on their remote sites, but also acts as formidable deterrent towards unwanted activity.

Danger/Hazards – Public safety is of utmost importance for compan   ies that are responsible for dangerous/hazardous materials on their sites. Setting up a perimeter detection and control system in this scenario allows the company to establish an area that is intuitively “off limits” to the public, thereby minimizing the risk of injury to anyone who should come across the site.

Would your yard or site benefit from the added protection of a Perimeter Detection and Control system? Contact us today! We look forward to discussing your security challenges and working with you to create a solution that meets your needs.




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