Service Maintenance

CONTAVA has solid after-warranty programs. The service team provides security troubleshooting and diagnostics, enterprise IT support in addition to repair, replacement and maintenance services.

CONTAVA offers multi-year Service Agreements to upgrade the level of support coverage to your Security Management System. Our Service Agreements provide scheduled security system inspections and preventative maintenance. While on-site, our certified technicians inspect and test security components, update system software and offer recommendations for improvements.


A CONTAVA Service Agreement Includes:

  • CONTAVA technicians test and inspect the security technology devices and provide a report with repair and replacement recommendations.
  • Two preventative maintenance events are performed per year.
  • A monthly service meeting is available to review outstanding service issues.
  • 24/7 emergency dispatch service is available.
  • Two hour response time by phone or on-line.
  • Same day or next business day on-site service is available.
  • And most importantly; locked in labour rates for the term of the agreement.

Benefits of a CONTAVA Service Agreement includes:

  • A locked in labour rate acknowledges that the cost of technology gradually declines while the cost of labour usual increases.
  • Reduces unexpected systems failures.
  • Provides peace of mind.
  • Reduces system downtime.
  • Provides a predictable labour cost.


Service Agreement Brochure