At CONTAVA, we live and play by 6 corporate values:


We are accountable for our actions, attitude, and behaviour. We recognize the interests of our stakeholders and take responsibility for the success of our company.


We continually challenge ourselves to learn, grow, and excel professionally. We think of challenges as opportunities and seek resolutions with enthusiasm and optimism.


We are open, trustworthy, fair, and co-operative with ourselves and others. We recognize the unique skills of our coworkers and conduct ourselves as valued members of a team.


We are reliable, honest, and ethical in all ascpects of our business. We uphold the values of our company without compromise.


We create positive impressions with our enthusiasm and responsiveness. We are actively engaged and continually strive to improve.

Well Being

We value each other’s health, safety, and quality of life. We are committed to the greater good of family and community.


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